“Mainstream churches have been reluctant or unwilling to engage in honest dialogue on the issues that stem from ethnic diversity.”
Rosemary Mallett, contributor to Ethnicity – The Inclusive Church Resource, and member of General Synod of the Church of England.

Inclusive Church seeks to raise awareness of the need to create a church where those from different ethnic backgrounds are enabled to feel welcome.

“In general the debate on ethnicity and the mainstream, church has centred around inclusion, on counting people in. In many cases such inclusion has been focused on people of colour joining in and trying not to be seen to be different to the majority. However, inclusion works best when everyone can most be themselves. Inclusion should not diminish difference but rather celebrate it.”
Rosemary Mallett
Ethnicity – The Inclusive Church Resource (2015), London.  p13

Inclusive Churches are encouraged to participate in Racial Justice Sunday, which is observed in February each year.