Mental Health

Inclusive Church has worked at raising awareness of the topic of mental health for a number of years, recognising that it is a key feature that affects people within church life. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people live with mental health conditions. This means that within our churches and communities, we have a significant number of people for whom this is an issue- within congregations and the clergy. 

At Inclusive Church we are very aware of intersectionality. People struggling with societal prejudice around poverty, disability, sexuality, gender, and ethnicity may also be more likely to have a mental health condition.

Mental Health Matters resources

Inclusive Church is now the host for the Mental Health Matters resources which were originally developed for the Church of England. You can browse and download any of the resources here.

The Sheldon Hub

Inclusive Church worked partnership with The Society of Martha and Mary on a national, collaborative project with the aim of enabling people in ministry to help themselves and their colleagues to live and work in ways that are healthy and life-giving. Click here for more infomation.